I mentioned in an early post that despite certain disturbances, I’ve had really purposeful sleep and really purposeful dreams….

Two nights ago, I had this dream:

trying to decide where to go… how to go….. a storm was coming…. an earthquake… my traveling partner was worried in sizemic proportions… worried it was the end of the world…. her worry seemed disproportionate to what was happening…. she was worried about lightning… about storms…. about earthquakes… about making it ….her family was worried about her…. she kept frantically making calls, periodically spatting “I’ll call my parents” i kept thinking if we keep going we’ll be ok…. i was perplexed by her worry but didn’t see it getting in the way, or stopping us from going where we were going…..

we planned. we stopped for directions…. we kept looking behind us to see if the storm was coming and after we’d gone so far we realized there was nothing but clear blue sky behind us… i felt like we had nothing to be afraid of after all….. “see?”…. like we’d made it….as we returned our faces forward from the behind, they met eachother for a second. a look of recognition (of realization) crossed my traveling partner’s face… 

It’s it’s interesting…. something deep within my conscious mind knows that the people in my dream were both characterizations of me….. my traveling partner, my friend—a representation of a current state of mind…. and then Me–the driver, the calmer driving force towards wherever we were going… perhaps a representation of a state of mind that’s within me or that i’m working towards…..

So this morning, as i drove under an unraveling pale blue dawn towards work, I replayed this dream. There were no new images that were recalled, but new emotions, new instances within my dreaming mind that I recalled….

I’ll continue to replay, reflect upon this dream and pray that there’s more to come…