Bah 2

I am staring at this painting that my father painted

“Suryanamaskar” by John Emmett Geraghty

He signed it at the bottom

Singular model small

fluid figures

in black paint encircle

a baffling blinding luminescent divinity

and heavenly host in purple-tunnel spiral

And what I want

And what I have

And what I have seen

And what I will be

despite all things

is not in those colors

nor in that glow

It is not in what I think I know

Pretty f*****g scary

Pardon my language

I’m feeling frustrated

underwhelmed and underrated

This crap could never be read out loud

I’m a hack

back crack

bend send orgasmic blend

Of black fluid figures

encircling the baffling entwine


sun salutations

empty pleas to the divine


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