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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty Four: Night Blooms Redux

For day twenty-four’s inspiration, I drew on a previous day’s prompt. You could call it the read and answer prompt. Keeping the whole of an already written poem covered, uncover the last line.  Then, answer that last line with your own line. Working your way up the poem from last line to first, repeat that process until you get to the first line of your inspiration/established poem. Your line-answer to the first line will be the last line in your new poem. I quiet like that exercise as it reminds me of action poetry–and it feels good to tap into creative-like-mindedness. Especially when I really like the poem.

Many years ago, I wrote a poem inspired by the print “The Night-Blowing Cereus”. At the time, I asked for feedback from a fellow poet. What he wrote was a gorgeous revision, and almost an entirely new poem. We told the same story, but what he wrote was masterful.

Today, I used his revision poem as my inspiration for a last line/first line exercise. And although, it is one of my favorite poems, I hadn’t read it in a while.  Thus safely keeping my writerly instinct and conscious clear.  First you’ll read his revision poem (forgive me Michael, the line breaks……), and then my NaPoWriMo version to follow

Nyctanthous anthem II
By Michael Aziz
O night absorb
The me of the day,
The salty symptoms of my pain.
O cucullated moon absorb me,
Gather me
In your cloaken folds,
Baptize me in glittering starlight,
Your constellations shuttled
Through my veins,
Brightening my dark prognosis
With the perfect peace of light.
But I will never know peace
Until my body burns
And the ashes of my limbs
Are smudges sealed
On another’s forehead
Absorb me O black blind night,
Absolve me this endless toiling instant
O seasoned star
Lurking in the autumn sky
Like a tiger
Pacing the lines of a village,
Come down to the riverside,
Here by the winding shore,
To quench, to bathe, here
Where my tall flame burns.




Night Blooms Redux

I am but a blank space waiting

I take in air but leave no shadow.

O, trail behind me love

A prowling heart does wait, tending

each still breath with a step.

A far away planet gleams cold,

O, remnant rock remember me

in your vacuous


Take me in, as you.

Too smooth to tell

are oils anointed,

Take on deep onyx as I burn

Until the all of me is malleable.

White now and muffled still

are the starbursts of deprivation.

And deep behind my eyes

are the wanton maps of dreams.

From deep to deep

So that I may shine,

I rest I am folded.

Take me in as you,

O cold and gleaming remnant rock

You are the nacre, you are the scale in my eye.

Prowling with each still,  blinded breath

until the all of me is malleable

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NaPoWriMo Days Twenty-Two & Twenty-Three

Another set of days using no prompts, but used as prompts for each other. Admittedly, I wrote on each day (twenty-two and twenty-three), but did not finalize either poem until today (day twenty-four).


The Days

The days

Maiden dawn stretches

Awakens with the sun

Sift through an old suitcase full of pictures

Search for a love

Read a letter

Drive to the shop where you can pump gas,

buy chips or incense or gyros

Make a cup

Hum in it’s rich glory

Ponder the blue sky and the kitty mind

who blinks into it through a screened window


Feel the hours loosening

See a jogger jogging by

Slow down

Awaken from the lie

That a life blindfolded—bedraggled by timekeeping

is the only life worth living




The Roundness of Truth

One piano tink

One black-onyx cuff link

One sumptuous curve of a cloud

One laugh heard out loud

One bounce of a blue iris’ed eye

One operculum closing from the tide

The note that split the heart open wide

The black gleam that fixed the night

The eye that pleads and asks us why,

we seek then shy from the fullness of our lives

O rise into the fullness of the sky

rise from out of the abyssal depths of dying

Ephemeral pool of all that’s living





Of a life that’s teeming of life worth living

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NaPoWriMo Days Nineteen-Twenty-One: Thinking Nag Champa

Days nineteen through twenty-one. No prompts used for these days. Frankly feeling a bit “slow minded” as one friend would say. But today, still I wrote some poems. They are connected in that I took the last line of the first poem and used it as a nudge for the second, and the last line of the second, a nudge for the third. So the content is different and changes, but there is also something similar woven through.

Writers block

Writers blank

Writers black

Vacuous still

No will—no current 

electric enough to spark

To startle out of this window gaze

The night’s gentle bow bends deep

And pink light fades to gray

Dusk of the day

No matter

Headlight beams 

slow drone 

down the street

Flick at the window and pass

Like the dawn 


cathedral glass


Cathedral glass

Cathedral stone

Cathedral golden

Warm yellow beams 

on bended necks and bowed heads

The fuzz of the skin

under sun’s white light

doesn’t ask and

is unseen

but it is 

the softest thing 

that makes a man a man

or a child a thing that breaths

Dust motes fall through light

Cathedral glass

Cathedral stone

Cathedral golden that holds

them all


Go to the room where they all stood

Room in the round

Long bands of colors and fractals 

case the wall and sing like prayer

Red shag strains to cup bare bodied feet

And on that warm woolen moss that scratches, there they sat

Sharp nag champa burns. Tumbles through the air

Ancient smoke of soul and body

whispers into the olfactory

to meet the factory into which the heart-blood beats 

warmly into the thoughts 

that make me me

And out again I breath

into the room where they all stood

Room in the round where

I am me