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Leaves Of Night

Our sentences hung suspended in the summer air

We’d been there for hours on the driveway,  nursing beers that had long lost their chill,  hoping to outwit the wind of time

But the moment arrived, as it always would

I’d said so many things so many times

We’d had so many nights to hide-and-seek, and chase our friendship, like children chasing lightening bugs in the dark

We’d had this thing catch in our chests before

But tonight, it was different

A time was coming

The moon illuminated your profile the way it always had

And you turned to me, an expression breaking over your face, the way it always had

And the sweetness that pushed from out the full blue of your eyes did the same, mundane thing of leveling me, of clearing everything out of me, making only this moment new, the way it always had

There wasn’t any more I could say

And there was so much more, but the things were huge

The things that I carried in my heart for you were huge and there wasn’t anything else I could say without leveling us both, clearing everything out of us both, making only this moment new

And you knew

And we sat very still, in the chairs that I’d pulled out for us

The breath of us both lifting into the stars

But the night held its breath

And then from out of the dark surrounding yards someone yawped

A drunken yawp–loud!! Like a ship’s slug horn, breaking into the night then withering to an end

It startled us both, our shoulders jumped

Your eyes widened and searched the dark

My heart quickened and then felt warm with adrenaline, and laughed… loudly

And you imitated the sound

And then we both laughed, comforted by the interruption

And I thought, right then, that we’d be bound  forever by the hours of this night

Growth, Heartbreak, love, morning, NaPoWriMo 2017, Personal Experiences

Letting The Tulip Grow

Tulip bulb

deep within the womb of darkened soil

Dormant bloom

Stamen soul

rising soon to meet the moon

In my frozen wait,

through waxens of the light

I dig then bury,

unearth again and carry

tulip tubers through the night


creative non-fiction, Grace, Growth, NaPoWriMo 2017, Personal Experiences, Spirit, the color of moments

Sunday Mukhwas

Pink and green and white

Carnation colored fennel candy

Sugar rock crystals and dried rose petals

Peppermint oil and anise seeds, spilling spice

A bowl full of holy aroma

An altar for the time


Warm and waiting

Dive in

Scoop up and make an offering

Put palm to mouth in prayer

Sweet, the crunch

The crush of the teeth

Seeds and color

Little worlds release and fill me

Spirit spreads warmth

Tongue is blessed

Mouth smiles

A mended afternoon