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NaPoWriMo Day Two: Thus Sprake Us

NaPoWriMo Day 2: The prompt for Day Two was to play with voice.  Suggestions were to use an already written poem and change the content to match the perspective (a cool exercise). I chose to write a new poem, from the perspective of a friendship.  In this poem I imagine that the “friendship” is an individual member, distinct from the two people that form the union. And, in it’s naming of what exists between the two friends, it also names it’s unique identity.  The voice is based on a real, dear, and unique friendship of mine that spans the Atlantic Ocean. My friend, a fellow poet, penned the this poem’s title.

The lilt of an ancient tune hums and hems them together

A welsh

An Irish limerick, writ on volcanic mountains and highland fog and weather

Sea-water whipped eye lids blink out over an ocean 

Thought-gulfs stream and circle to reach him to reach her

These two

I am the thing between these two

Affectionate tempestuous muse

The teasing lilt of an ancient tune

I am the poem at dawn pregnant with daylight

I am the love line written at half past nine

I am the honesty wrought from hours of talking and wine

I am the bit of tobacco shred that sticks to his lower lip and is spit

I am the honest gritty ground where it lands

I am the shoe he saw on the subway and thought she’d think something of it

I am the crack of her smile and the bric and bric musical style of his voice

The lilt of an ancient tune hums and hems them together

I am the modern buzz and bustle of the world that made the poem between them possible, buzzing to reach him to reach her

These two

I am the thing that’s risen between them

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Letting The Tulip Grow

Tulip bulb

deep within the womb of darkened soil

Dormant bloom

Stamen soul

rising soon to meet the moon

In my frozen wait,

through waxens of the light

I dig then bury,

unearth again and carry

tulip tubers through the night