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NaPoWriMo Day Five: Among The Fruit Trees

The prompt for day five was to take a poem in another language and pair it with a  photo. Without knowing the actual content of the poem in it’s native language, translate it into English with the idea that the poem is about your chosen photo.  I did that… sort of.  I took a photo of a poem from a book of poetry that belonged to my great grandfather, Kristo Nedeff (known to us as Chris Nedeff) who came from Bulgaria to the United States  10-15 years after the turn of the twentieth century. Chris lived in the Ohio River valley, and then settled in Wapato Washington, growing fruit trees and fruit in a community with other Bulgarian immigrants. Wapato, by the Bulgarian immigrants was said to look most like their homeland region in Bulgaria. The original poem is in Bulgarian (or Russian) and I imagined/translated it into a poem about a fruit tree orchard back home, in Bulgaria.

Fruit trees 

Stand upright in 

sunlit rows across 

the orchard 

Tucked among 

the shelter of 


blossoms bough 

their blushing faces 

Whispering, rustling 


Hiding and peeking 

like lacy skirts of 

my fair maiden love 

Cherry blossom 

summer’d bees go 

on about their 

ancient work 

Casting stories of 

their own 

And along the 

breeze they live 

And in that hour I 

can also live and 

sigh and breath 

and dream 

Huddled under 

the nacreum of

my mother sky

Hiding and peeking 

There among the 

fruit Trees 


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