My head-dreams push into a gray morning sky

Dome are the days that surround us

Hour by hour do they taunt us

Take your sopping oily paintbrush

Take your exacting ink stroke

Take your white-hot tapping

Take your word-coal stoking

Head dreams pour out rainbow

Paint the dome different

Make the world different

Salt it

Light it up

Salt lamp people live and breath the breath that was given


3 thoughts on “Highlight Happy

  1. I just noticed in your info-bubble above (Published by sonicleese):

    [Like the life that has spurned me on . . .] great wordplay with “SPURRED” me on.

    I feel spurned by life at times also. And it does spur me on to write poetry . . .


    • sonicleese says:

      Well, you just gave me credit for unwitting word play. I misused the word, apparently. Spurned like burned, not spurred like to be propelled. Haha, oh well, I can’t ALWAYS be the most literate in the room


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