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Evil Is: A Peace Poem

This poem was written upon request and originally published at on April 21st, 2016.

Here is its humble re-running.

Evil is a system

Commerce coin and rates

It is the system that sets up to deny truth

To categorize




Pit against

It is the system that kept Charles Bukowski drunk

The one that placates the poor with more poverty

It is the one that gentrifies neighborhoods under the sick shiny guise of organic food and development

It is the system that tears down

Barbershops, bookstores and apartment buildings, gang way!

For golden-rooved Cheesecake factories, Pot-Bellies and blue-marbled banks

It can not bear the sound of “inshallah” on a plane

Eject a brother under airplane engine sound





It is a red herring for life

It is the lie that keeps our comfort zones two blocks west of Troost, and tells us that the clock the muslim child built is not a clock but a bomb





It is the lie that whispers not to look anyone in the eye, nor to ask questions

Don’t ask, just look away

Don’t ask the woman who covers her head where she’s from or to tell her story

Look away

Evil is the system that dehumanizes

Look away

It breaks relationship

Look away

Covenant of man, brother, sister, humanity

Covenent burned up by fear-fueled nationalism

Beauty IS in the eye and breath of man

Come close

Feel the life in the curve of a warm shoulder next to yours


Do not look away

Peace among us is easy

Behold the accent

The vulnerable oneness of our voices


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