Wading in time, sun makes the morning circular 

Opened sky, blush breaks in the day                                                             

And, rumple-headed lovers of every kind roll out of sleep to wake from dreaming soft

Sparkler strands wave into noontime soft       

Yellow heavy hours hem their wishes into daydreams circular 

 And gray shadows deep, round out the wayward day        

Moon makes sphere and whispers hushes to the day

Gentle prick of stars pull through twilight’s weave, soft

And rumple-headed lovers roll into nighttime’s rest resuming the life, circular

Day of soft organic woven time, circular are their hours, morning noon and night

(Note, I had a bastard of a time getting these lines to work into three stanzas in this post format. Maybe it’s better that way?! Poetry sometimes runs away from the poet’s agenda.  Anyhow, thank you thank you for reading and I would encourage any fellow poet to try out writing a tritina–Lisa)