Autumn Leaves

Thank you for calling me “little darling”
Thank you for saying “night night” as you closed me into dreaming
Thank you for the quilts and pillows and books and curtains in everyone’s favorite spare bedroom
Thank you for the curly-headed red buddha in the living room and for letting me climb in his lap
Thank you for the song about dancing north winds and golden autumn leaves
They waltz for you now
Thank you for winkin’ blinkin’ and nod
They wait in their drifting boat, long on a sea of blue for you
Thank you for the rocking chair
Thank you for the cookies
The Christmases
The twinkle
The candy
The presents
The hugs
The laughter
The memories
The birthday cards and x’s and o’s penned in perfect ink
Thank you for the pinball machine in the basement
Thank you for keeping me at the kids’ table
Thank you for taking me to indie-movies, before there were indie-movies
Thank you for lunches
The love
The talks
The wisdom
The discipline
The listening
Thank you for the recipes
The tips and stories
The quiet advice, and the burning encouragement
Thank you for believing in me when I had no strength to believe in myself
Thank you for believing that there was a bigger picture to my life, when I couldn’t see past my own face
Thank you for your gentleness
Your eyes
Your soft hugs
Thank you for the life, grandma
Thank you for the autumn leaves that guide my dreams into living


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