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Everyone Knows a Good Thing

Bread-scented home

Warmth and yeast and comfort
Full bodied pillowy tang 
Crisp with resistence and chew
Everyone knows the smell
Sometimes a glitter 
of sweet and spice
Bitter tincture of cinnamon
Inhaled and known in the same instant
Everyone recognizes 
the good aroma of baking bread
Deep red the color of blood
Sweet acidic grape enlivens laughter and sharpens a soul-filled hour
Tanins add flourish to the voice
Poured out gently from the bottle, bringing body together 
and weaving glances into eternity
Everyone knows 
Everyone knows the good burn of wine
Blue eyed and calm
He speaks in metered patience
Carefully chosen breath 
and ebullient laughter take shape 
as the clouds of his breath 
move from out of his lungs
His teeth cut tender morsels 
into words 
like perfect silver cuttlery cutting lamb
A good kind of handsome, his face
His eyes see
Lids blink tenderly 
revealing the rhythm of his heart
Spice and man and 
spring woody-breeze
Tincture of Christ in him
Everyone recognizes the Good aroma of his goodness
And I stand near him 


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