Bullying Police

Yesterday morning in the aftermath of a traffic accident, I experienced the chilling bully-power that police officers can weild. What I have not understood until this point, is that in the presence of this power, you are instantly rendered powerLESS. You are anxious about the circumstances. You are vulnerable–perhaps confused. When officers succomb to a power struggle (whether externally or internally) a division occurs and YOUR rights as a citizen of humanity are taken…your dignity in an instant…is subtracted from the situation.

What I experienced is not necessarily reportable. I sustained no injuries and walked away from the circumstance accused of nothing, and certainly, with my life. I did however walk away with new eyes for an undercurrent of fear and imbalance of unspoken power that oozes from law enforcement.

This undercurrent needs to be addressed. Bully cops who default to their own frailty (anger, insecurity, frustration) present insidious danger. And we know full well how this danger can evolve. It evolves into assault. It evolves into the very thing they fear, which is a loss of control.  It evolves into the dehumanization of more than just their victim.


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