I feared the fall
I fear the fall’s presence
I fear all of those sun-lit-firelit hours where the summer remains and bends to quietly end and wait in a vigil bed surrounded
I fear the day’s presence
I fear the evening’s jewel toned hours and the shadows and whispers of touch to touch
and lip to lip
Hope cracks open
Hope is born and mourned in the many moons and dusks of fall
Days are lived and death is drawn out
in one
I fear remembering
I fear the spirit of the past from whose visit I will not be spared
O Merciful sameness of then and now!
The colors have been charmed from out of their hours
Peace has been spoken from out of the wind by the whispering of silent incantors
See me shrouded in red then
and now cloaked in pale against an empty wind
I fear wearing that hour eternal
I fear the drawing breath
that life takes