“Change, it is easy. Transformation…..is hard” —Timothy Keel

I have been writing for a long time. I have recently realized that among one or two other things, it is something I can’t not do. Parker J. Palmer calls this step a way into realizing your vocation. He calls it in his quaker sense, a step towards “the way to open”. “Open” meaning, spirit filled and spirit guided vocation. For me perhaps writing is vocation. But I have no idea if I can maintain writing the way that I have been. And if it is indeed something I can’t not do, well that means I’m going to be doing it for a long time and the motivation for my writing thus far has to change. And a practicle step means the blog, the only outlet now, will have to change. So it will change. Eventually I guess and I won’t be posting poems and observations any more or until the time is determined to be right again.

Please browse as you will (perhaps I’m speaking to a silent darkened hall). Please don’t pass judgement on the varying degrees of sentiment, wantonness or straightforwardness you find in the words that stretch back to atleast 2007.  I am, afterall, a human that has experienced (and nurtured) many states of the heart. My writing has fallen victim to such lability, which will now fall into  the hands of deep discernment. Watch for future writings in a different way. And all the peace and thanks to any one of you who might have given my words attention.