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This is a dream I had last fall. One of the last dreams I’d wake to remember for months and months. After this dream my mind would go watery dark in sleep. And only just a few short days ago, I started remembering again. It has been gradual but dream communications and glimmers are returning. They come now in images like those from childhood memories. But their reemergence has helped me get out of bed in the morning:


And I dreamt of entering a home set high upon the highest point in the city. The living room sprawled out like that of a control room of a grand starship with panoramic windows set along the entire perimeter of the room. The room was dim in the late afternoon and I noticed to the west a creeping sunset. “Look, oh my god LOOK!” I shouted as finger like projections of pink sun ray quivered from out of the horizon. Then, as fast as I’d noticed these rays, a heaving stony monolithic type orb slowly passed in front of the panoramic windows. As it passed from what seemed like below the house towards the higher part of the sky I could see what looked like infrared-like swirls of reds and greens and crinkles and ridges of stone…. It was the sun. And as it passed over the house I felt the world shift and tilt with the sound that was like gigantic machinery adjusting… Like the engines of the titanic or something……..

Later, as I drove through the city at night I noticed monuments that I’d never noticed before— monuments to a stony-lithic star that not only gave life giving light, but whose landscape was also lush and liveable. This star to which these monuments had been erected had actually burned out long long ago. Yet, I’D just experienced it.


Topographic dreams and reemergence


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