Sonic Nurse and Hypocollector Action Collaboration

For many years, my friend Levi Asher has provided poets from all over the world a space to share and construct poetry.  Along with the opportunity to engage in what Levi calls “intellectual curiosities” poets congregate and contemplate for poetry, both spontaneous and deliberate.  Recently he revamped that space he created long ago, Action Poetry, and the old place has been rebirthed.  Personally, I had taken somewhat of an hiatus from writing action poetry, but with the advent of its relaunch, I am right there…shoulder to shoulder, meandering through a spicy sweaty bazaar of some of the world’s most unknown and best poets.  Below is the result of some recent action poetry action with myself and another regular poet-contributor, hypocollector.
by hypocollector
stematically driving through one town after another.Vera, where the nets are still up.Olney, with the one arm dove shot.the rural life is a slow life.full of planning meals and work.we walked half the lake til we got to the quicksand.the lost girls.chairs from the mid seventies and screens.prices from the 60s for a day.point to the north, the south, the east, and the west.proven to be restless and abandoned.yardsales and soda machines
yard sales and soda machines
by Sonic Nurse
Yard sales and soda machines and state fairs
Mosquitoes and marching band echoes lift up up up and out of those teen banner waving dreams
Americana, a mirage
Unseen “what-is-it” food for me
Written in your very skin to see past these things
To see through these things
To see into these things
And all at once indict and
encounter these things
Walk half the lake while thinking of these things
Sacred mindful movement keeps you from becoming these things
You can read more poems by hypocollector and other poetry on the new Action Poetry site.  Thoughts and ruminations and reflections of Yard Sales and Soda machines were inspired by hypocollector and by current delving  and hard insightful turning of current sermon series at Jacob’s Well Church, Kansas City

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