Below is an enhanced list of things seen from last Wednesday.  It was the first day following much activity (of the heart, mind, emotional process and external reality) where I actually had the chance to just sit and process.  I sat, observed, thought, mulled over and soaked in.  It is was written from a place in a local park that I consider “my” spot.  I have come to many conclusions from this spot… Listened to many words…. asked many questions…. and received some of the most silent yet  revelatory answers to my seeking mind.  I usually approach this spot feeling the need to fill in the gaps… to not only escape so much the feeling of being a skipping rock across a pond…. but to transform that feeling and find peace and direction from it.

Bodies: Old, young, new, bald-headed, long-headed, helmet-headed.  Fit, strong, solitaire, frail, moving in unison/unity with another’s, shamefully startlingly blissfully shirtless, hopeful, moving, working, living

Leaves: Falling, twisting, finally resting on a thick swath of sunlit grass

Bug: Appearing, crawling, slowly discovering, making it’s ancient way across my windshield

Pencil-Written-Words: First confused, fleeting, lifting, slowly focusing and comforting

Benches: Like thrones overlooking kingdoms, benches– monuments to the revelations made in the minds within bodies of lovers that sat upon them

Benches– like lonely solid lovers loyally waiting; benches–submissive lines and comfort spaces standing still only to wait in giving

Fountain: Falling, arching, spraying, spindrifting, streams of merciful water never ceasing

Roses: of the age’d season, like angels gathered in a throne room claiming grace and worthiness

Puppy: Being led on obedient puppy legs

Blue Sky: Peeking through a web of oak tree acorn and squirrel universe, placid, pale, inviting, cool calming love in blue



Wednesday, September 11th


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