Started writing this earlier in springtime.  Tinkered with it for some submissions.  But as it is now, I can safely “publish” it on my blog without disrupting etiquette.  The imagery / mood is inspired by Luke 7: 36-50, my own brokenness and the music of Crooked Fingers.

Low life scamps

break bread of the Presence

Two bit tramps

from out of alabaster flasks pour

perfumed oil

And every Caesar-headed coin we

will give back

to Caesar

And what is

And what was always Yours we

offer up

Pour out ourselves before

O Holy Spirit!

We are a wreck

We are dogs

We are a mess

One step we cannot take without

Our lives we cannot make without

O Holy Spirit!

We crawl on our bellies

from out of the gullies trembling

Then rise to kneel humbly

Accept comely

Your Grace

O Sweet HaRuhach HaKodesh!

Make new our flesh

Reshape these mortal minds of ours

Transform our hearts this day

For You