There are many things I should be doing with my writing time.  I should be writing more poetry.  I should be editing some select poems for impending submission deadlines.  I should be tying together the loose ends of a commitment I’ve made to a friend’s literary blog (which, if I’m honest with him and myself, I have to say that the piece doesn’t even have a respectable shape yet).  And if I’m admitting not writing these days, I will also admit that I haven’t really wanted to. I’ve gone through similar periods before and after having gone through them, I’ve learned not to be alarmed.  I’ve learned that the pendulum swings and keeps swinging if there’s momentum on either side.  And I’ve learned to name these periods as “taking in” periods.  But I could also name them as laziness or procrastination or lack of focus.  I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt and say that I’ve had some pretty big pragmatic distractions lately.  So now, as those dissipate and level off, I am giving time to my writing again.

But now what direction to take…..?  I have one idea.  It seems like to get back to writing, I need to recondition.  And to recondition, perhaps I should be writing about everything and nothing at all.  Or, perhaps allow a brief and luxurious return to action poetry– to free-verse lyricism I used to be so fond of.  But no.  My first “one” idea seems the best.  I’ll make lists and see where that exercise takes me.  You’ll see it as “Ten Things Seen”.


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