I miss you too much
I’ve never felt your mouth against mine
I ache for what I’ve never had
I want to grow gills and swim
to where you are and hold your hand
I want to be in your town
In your living room
On your sofa drinking tea
I want to keep a dictionary
And a philosophical reference book in my bag
So that I can look up words that you’ve said
That I dont understand
So that I can bone up and be brainy like you are and read what you read
And when we talk and I am brainy
I want to feel your breath on my neck and have it be ok
Have it be normal and natural and good
And I want to feel the pierce of your t’s and s’s in my ears
I want to feel your voice travel down the tunnel towards my mind
And see your face at the same time
I miss you too much and I am unrealistic
I am imperfect and unable to tinker with time
I want to live

one moment

in your presence