This Cup of Tea Hums



Tender nectar of darjeeling

Smooth fragrant vapor

Perfumed sugary cream

Gorgeously mellow,

this cup of tea hums



3 thoughts on “This Cup of Tea Hums

  1. Hillary says:

    You captured the essence of tea perfectly here! Speaking of, we need to get some tea (or beer, or Everclear) soon.


    • sonicleese says:

      Hi Hilary… thanks! Sounds like we DO need to get together if you’re suggesting Everclear, which is WAY out of my league by the way. Are you still blogging at anti-chef?


      • Hillary says:

        The Everclear was a joke (mostly….some days, though….). I’m trying to keep up anti-chef, but I’ve been busy and sick and dealing with sick kids. Le sigh. Silly life getting in the way of my internet fun!


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