Found these guys a few years ago, maybe late-ish 2007.  As the band Pela, they had a few remarkable songs to offer.  Unfortunately, the grand collective was not as good as the few tracks that stood out.  I had faith in those few tracks though, saw something sustainable and kept my eyes open for them–sort of waited for their musical formation– waited to see what would become of them.  Looks like after  years of breaking up, reforming, touring and general stife, struggle and rediscovery, THIS is what became of them.  A new band, We Are Augustines, with a new, debut album.  “Rise Ye Sunken Ships” is an interesting album about spiritual recovery, mental illness and other seeking things….. it seems.

This album has grit and sincerity and many of the songs are not only lyrically interesting, but stylistically really unique and rolling.  But with all of that dust and desert smudged vulnerability come the hazards of being so.  At times, the raw pleading of the lyrics comes off as wanton and not fully fleshed out.  Yeah, lyrics like “I’ve got tequila in my veins and the devil in my mouth” feel more like a teen emulating the many Jims or Jacks out there, rather than the expression of true insight and painful wisdom that the singer undoubtedly possesses.

11 Barrel of Leaves