This evening is stormish and it’s raining.  Rabble rousing clouds like a crowd swell to loud cracks, then taper off, though, still arguing with clatter as they forge on.

And the dog, enjoys her place in front of the open front door.  Sniffing the air and wondering at the breeze.  The screen stays lifted, allowing in mists of wind and rain to sprinkle against her happy snout.  I say “You want to go out there don’t you”.  Her expression changes and for a second, I almost give into the thought of it.  Why not? We’ve traipsed along before in the wet.  Matter of fact, I’ve plain laid down in a storm before– right out there on the driveway.  I wind up the cuffs of my jeans, search for an umbrella, or maybe just forget it and go out anyway.  Then no.  Something happens.  The Collin emerges… again.  Fearful and not appreciative of the storm.  I sigh.  And the dog is still waiting.  Expectant for what’s to come.  And it’s over.  And I’m tired. And I’m disappointed that I didn’t do it– that I didn’t go out in the rain………………..

…. But wait………….