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THIS this evening

The night is late, black.  Stars in glisten ripple hang undisturbed in placid water refection of quiet.  The walls are quiet, the dog is quiet.  The child sleeps gently dreaming quiet.  And in my head there remains a buzzing.  Seeking.  For what? Music, peace, an ultimate vibration of some kind? Gentle paring, apple coring unrest.  Skin peel flooring red and used.  All for naught, but not.  All for you… someone.  All for me for now…..  And, how?

The night is late, black. Light bulb faith, glowing sentry against the wall.  Burning yellow fidelity coil, unthinking and warm.  Glows until I’m tired, cools as I toss and turn in empty curve as deep as infinity in a nautilus bulb….

And as I toss, my soul to turn through the hours, I know there’s another warmth that penetrates and pierces.  Does more than waits in corners to be flicked on and switched off.  Takes up residence as hope, as joy….. the power to light up a million worlds.  Lantern chest holds heart and warmth.

Lantern glowing, light flowing from dream diorama room, amidst the black of this night

01 It Won’t Be Too Long Now…


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