There’s a fine line between thrill and apprehension when I think about a good book (especially one close to my heart) being made into a movie.  It’s exhilarating to have the magic that was once created between your brain and the words on a page, unfold at once across a towering movie screen.  But there’s also nothing compared to the inner groan you feel when movie casting appears to have gotten it COMPLETELY wrong for important characters.  Not to mention the thought of a shady director ruining the story’s sensibility.  I’m feeling a few inner groans for the upcoming film adaptation of  Sara Gruen’s bestseller,  “Water For Elephants”.

Let me just say that it appears that the only thing this production seems to have gotten RIGHT is the casting of Robert Pattison as Jacob Jankowski, the story’s protagonist, who is a sad and scared vet student who impulsively flees his hometown after his parents are killed in an accident…

Everything else from the director, Francis Lawrence, to the casting of Reese Witherspoon as Marlena, Jankowski’s love interest, to Hal Holbrock (oh God help us) playing an older Jankowski, chips away at the story’s credibility at once.  Had I not already read the book, the preview itself would induce serious head slapping and loud “Thank-You-No’s”.

Despite my already growing uneasiness for this film, I will see it.  It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s the trailer… I know.  It’s not good.