This week has been peppered with some not-so-awesome- and, pretty awesome firsts…

1.) Monday, started research / polling for my first article on Literary Kicks… Brain hurts already from factoids and THIS self revelation: My breadth of knowledge of music (which might even be  mini-breadth)  far exceeds my knowledge of poetry, which, rests mostly in a disproportionate focus on the beats (not bad in and of themselves… but man, I need to update, expound).

2.) Tuesday, gave the new The Decemberist’s album, “The King Is Dead” its first few listens– earthy, ebullient, restrained….. already in love, and can’t wait to see them in February!

3.) Tuesday, was called naive for the first time EVER.  After checking the definition I realize that I most certainly  am not.  No wait I am.  Aren’t.  Am…. uhhhhhhhhhhh.

3.) Wednesday, continuous ponderant of possible naivete

4.) Wednesday, watched Jerry Springer for the first time in seven or eight years.  “I’m here to beat my ho cousin’s ass”, nuff said.

5.) Pending….

6.) Continuation of number above… For the first time, asked about The Cure…  Me to a friend, “Where to begin, which songs should I start with? Which ones get waved like banners and choral’d like anthems??


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