The Mitzer Ditzer and My Hoody

My dog is SUCH a ding a ling.  And… I am so mad at her right now.  Last night she was laying on me and something caused her to lurch forward and crawl off of me in a hurry.  I was wrapped in what HAS been my security blanket for 17 years.  Holy s#!&!!  Is that right? Anyway…….

I bought this thing in France a looooooooong time ago.  It’s gray, it has a hood.  It’s a sweatshirt.  It has some green letters on it, it says something in french.  It used to have a pocket in the front.  I wore it when I was there.  I wear it inside out when it’s clean or, when it  needs washing.  I wear it right side out and I’ve even worn it to work.  I wear it with the hood up in doors (hey, sometimes cranky just DEMANDS a hood)…… I wear it on days of light duty… and sometimes, I wear it to the store……….

So Mitzi’s ding a ling paw caught in my hood’s front pocket as she was jumping off of me and RRRRRRRRRIPPPP!!

She had no IDEA what she’d done.  Her brain is the size of a plum, you know.  The second she was off of me she’d forgotten she was even there………… Anyway, I was so hurt that the pocket had been ripped that I couldn’t even shout.  I just stared at it….. stunned….. and sad.  I thought my hood would live in perfection for ever… and now, it will be forced to live out it’s final days, exposed…. and pocketless.

I exclaimed, “Miiiitziiiiii, look what you did!!”  She just bowed and waggled and thought I was saying something nice.

Then again, maybe Mitz and her plum brain secretly had something against my hoody.  I don’t know….. maybe she was jealous of the fact that when I wore it, she wasn’t TOTALLY allowed to sprawl on me….. I never liked it to have dog hair on it……………

Anyway…. my ditzy dog is staring at me now……. waiting patiently to go to bed….. with me…. sans hoody.


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