Rocky The Goon

Today, I’m feeling a little Kevin Corrigan, circa 1998.


4 thoughts on “Rocky The Goon

  1. The only movie I can think of with him from the 90s is Slums of Beverly Hills….tell me there's something better!! ;)How are things going? It's been awhile. I've been absurdly busy at work….it's that time of year again.


  2. The character I was thinking of is an uncredited role in Vincent Gallo's "Buffalo 66". He plays "Rocky The Goon", old best friend to Gallo's protag, "Billy". "Rocky The Goon" is a simpering, oafish man who still lives with his mother and who is called "retarded" by "Billy". It's actually a really interesting little movie… probably one of my favorites for a few odd reasons……. you might like it…….and, I didn't thin SOBH was that bad….. pretty dated now………….


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