The C-man headed back to school today.  He’s now a big second grader.  Last night we met his teacher (delightfully pretty, tall and very french) and other parents and rallied in the auditorium.  Both the assistant principal and principal spoke, spurring us all into enthusiasm for the school and the new year…..

Beginnings are always so hopeful.  Taut and ripe like pomegranate seeds ready to be bitten…..

Hoping that Collin forms some strong buddies this year.  He’s so social but also pretty quirky.  Most kids are drawn to him but usually wind up befuddled and confused once they reach his inner realm…. only to wander off away from him…. faces blank from expression……….
There’s a kid who’ll be in his class this year who seems like he might be a good, neutralizing match for Collin.  They were both excited to see each other and immediately hugged and then dissolved into sillies…… Later, on the playground, this other kid, let’s call him A-man wandered around with his light saber.  Swinging and battling…. quiet and oblivious to the other more normally occupied children.  Collin found his way to him…. both boy’s imaginations meeting in the air between them………….