Brainstorming Session

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony–Mahatma Gandhi

Tonight, the sky reminds me of an illustration in my favorite story (a children’s story) “Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like”.  Tonight the sky is a great beast unfurling amidst fimbriated remnants of purple storm clouds, and hyper-color coral threads sewn in breathtaking stitches of light reflection… dream-like and prayerful.

Today, I felt many things line up.  Many things shifted quietly, from my dream realm into waking reality…. things were realized and hazy sleep memories were actualized…. ebbing forth over the span of a few, unobtrusive slowly passing seconds….. 
Dreams and prayer….. communing with God……  I’m coming to the realization that the state that your subconscious reaches in dreams and the ascent through which your soul climbs in prayer are  actually the same place……… a soulful pilgrimage towards divine communication……. 
…. and your own purpose……
See, I’m facing a point in my career where I’m beginning to feel pulled in a certain direction.  I’m beginning to feel the tug of my true path….. yet……. I’m afraid to turn my back on the place that affords me pride and esteem….. a place that keeps my ego glistening with an admirable sheen…
I think many of us experience this…. but how much ego are we willing to lose in order to fulfill what’s right?  To fulfill our true callings?  Perhaps it’s not so hard if we don’t have that belief to begin with…… but if we do…………
It’s still hard…. it takes deep reflective work…. and probably a little madness……..
Yet, through all the madness, the seemingly chaotic and BENIGN struggles, elation lies in waiting…  rolling…. a spindrift of joy and affirmation against our rocky shores……..

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