revenge of the nerds

Morons vs. Bastards or, Never let them grind you down

At work, these days…… have had to walk through some trying exercises in interpersonal communication lately.  Sought the guidance of upper management…… and….. after said ‘seeking’ session, was instructed to, in so many words, ‘deal with it on my own’.  So.  did that.  I wouldn’t say the immediate outcome necessarily went the way would have liked, but….. it went the way I expected.  And, I surprised myself by doing BETTER than expected.  After the fact, I rode a short buzz of empowerment until being faced recently with the other, um…. party.  Who continues to disproportionately interact with me as if I’m a moron…..

After a long day of interaction with um, the other party, I vented to my dad…. I love doing this because he actually listens.  He listens with the kind of ears that aren’t just waiting for their cue to signal the mouth to speak.  He listens!! And, IF he has a relevant response it’s thoughtful.  Sometimes it’s empathy…. sometimes it’s just sympathy…. sometimes it’s in a succinct and perplexingly perfect slogan………
Last night, as I  spoke, he listened and shook his head with a mixture of recognition and disgust (he’s had encounters of his own).  Then he said,  “Man, I hate that.  Well, illegitimi non carborundum, my darling daughter…. or, ‘Never let the bastards grind you down’ “.

So to all of you fellow morons out there, I say




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