Awhile ago, I talked somewhere about creative , present-like-mindedness.  Am still in awe of the way it happens or, that it happens at all for that matter…..  Nevertheless, I may have come across an either totally random or completely providential example of it.

Was skulking around iTunes… looking for something new… when I happened upon this band, The Morning Benders.  Chose “The Big Echo” as the album to sample and scrolled down…. my eyes met a song called “Mason Jar”.  

I said, “Holy Shit, a song?.”

Mason Jar also happens to be my most recent pome-ish entry over at the other place.  It’s one that I actually worked on for several weeks before posting.  One of those where I was struck with an initial flash of an image, a thought and a feeling, then started with deep bottomless open ended writing (think keroauc, with shoulder-balcony seating).  Usually I just work at something until I think it’s good enough in the moment.  With this one, I’d type a few lines,  think,  then put it away and go back to it when I felt I could add or develop something… fine tuning it over the course of a week or two……

At any rate, it was the mason jar that struck me as being really sad.  Reminded me of things that happen one day, hope and joy that get stored away with the idea to revisit, but sometimes…… just get left behind…….. into depression era time capsules….. remnants of a romantic hoarder…………….. found fifty years later…..

All of that having never ever heard of the band or the song they’d already written about a very similar sentiment…….

The song isn’t bad… it’s kind of pretty……

You can listen to the song  HERE  if you’re curious…..