Harvest me in my

most sunny moments

Pluck me from

the vine at autumn’s flame

Feel me pliant,

deep blueberry skin

sponge lovely between

your fingers

Can me and store me away

for another hour’s


Savor me

set upon the shelf

My color shows through

Tints the convex–

Tints the curves of the glass

that contains me

And I could sit there

for years

while yellow hours rise and set….

…. Dust collects

and the notion

that emboldened

the hope of that one day

stays congealed

and lovely

in it’s own way

over time

as everything else

burns away


the security of another….

Curves held

smooth and carried in some other time

as yellow hours rise

and set

1000 dawns tear away

and still,

upon the shelf…..

unbroken and kept

for another hour’s convenience