A little More Pretending

Sitting, not quite on the cusp of the release of the next Harry Potter movie, I’m reminded about how freaking awesome it was as a kid to create worlds.   

So much thought, so much imagination, so much effort went into any given world’s construction.  And, having a prefabbed character’s world to emulate required no less intention……..  Still, there was careful plotting, brainstorming…. and meticulous recruitment.  Who will play who and where will they go.  Who will stand where and swoop in and what time.

Playing is SUCH a huge part of a child’s life.  So much, that you could say it is their main function…. play.  Sure.  They go to school, learn to play by certain rules that are good for all of us, play nice with others and turn in paper work.  But their MAIN drive is to play.  Most of who they will TRULEY become is reflected in their play imagination…….

Unfortunately, as an adult, we flip things—sadly and unknowingly.  Who seriously wants to make ‘paperwork’ their main function.  Who is completely satisfied by making work of any kind their main function….. sure, what we choose to be in life is a part of us……. but really, I feel our drive should be from our own wellspring of joy, spirituality and fine tuned imagination.

So, as an adult.  I think it’s so exciting to find worlds to delve into so deep that we can no longer breath.  That way, we keep life itself alive, curiosity young and find things…….. “worth living for”…………..

And, in true childhood fashion I’ve recruited one more person to play along in a world that’s dear to me.  This afternoon I delivered “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to my best friend Ashley……. My plan is to have her through all the books in time to see this…………..



2 thoughts on “A little More Pretending

  1. So many mornings when I think, "I don't want to go to work! I want to get my friends together to play superheroes! Or play Star Wars!" I love making up worlds & dreaming & playing.This blog post really touched me. Thanks!


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