Heartbreak, love, signs, Soul

In the country one day

I don’t want

I don’t need


I don’t want

I don’t need

candle-waxed ideas

peddled from the head

Such secrets slipping

in and out of what seems normal…..

But tracking

and tracing

lies in waiting

like torture chambers

left in a barn to rust

and then sprung


on a hot dusty day

And over the hill

from within a kitchen painted blue

A bread

is rising



I don’t want it

don’t need it peddled

before my hunger

just want to die before the  hollow


turn and walk somewhere else

take solace in a treehouse

high so very high

somewhere else


6 thoughts on “In the country one day

  1. michaelamichael says:

    just to say this is particularly lovely.
    beautiful. i read it out loud and recorded it on my phone. so nice. heartfelt and sombre and real and flowing. made me feel. such great words in such a great order.


    • sonicleese says:

      hey michaelamichael…… it’s really shameful for me to even attempt to respond to such a dear compliment….. thank you. i hope you keep reading… and, your own finely carved out words often spur pause and contemplation in my own brain… so again, thank thank thank you!

      in more geeked out tone…. i can’t believe how ridiculously cool it is to think that someone else would be reading my pome a loud…… especially aloud in UKish ; )


      • michaelamichael says:

        no worries. i sound like dick van dyke from mary poppins. well, kinda. anyhow, you write good. keep it up and stay happy.xx michael


    • sonicleese says:

      And in the gray slated
      green-painted-wet tunnel
      that is the night road before me
      I enter
      Pass my soul’s ticket through the station
      Homeward from the nightmarish day
      I consider
      Open up and wait for
      Supernatural leavening
      and warmth
      And for
      this soggy, simpering, drippy evening to pass
      it’s soul through the station
      burning a path for dawn


  2. sonicleese says:

    funny…. i read the first part of your comment as…..

    “no worries. I sound like a dick”. sent me scratching me head and eyes to do a double take…… so….. dick van dyke from mary poppins……. is that southern then? either way……

    thanks again for reading.


  3. michaelamichael says:

    very lovely again
    loved the sad dreaminess
    of the last lines
    about the treehouse
    about somewhere else

    very lovely
    you are very



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