Divine Comedy? Or, Irony Is too Simple of a Dismissal

Wow.  I was feelin’ it last night.  Feelin’ totally filled up with peace.  With calm… with self congratulatory spirituality.  And, while I still believe in the thing I was trying to get at last night (see post below), I can’t help but wonder that  if you try and name it…. try and display it…… force it from a place that isn’t completely sincere in the moment, you will get jaws on your ass….. you will get a little jerry mouse chomping up your arm.

It’s funny to think about allowing yourself to plunge into a power struggle after such a heady moment…….

And, instead of responding with some human form of divine love…… some maternal agape within the constraints of my own humanity, I plunged into a power struggle with a seven year old boy who’s learning how to lie. Many of you might know about power struggles and their delightful outcomes.  What’s more I could feel unrelated, but unresolved junk from my work day yesterday rising to the surface and come spilling out into the present moment… tainting my resolve to remain objective and firm…………what a mess….

That’s what happens I guess….. and hopefully the wounds of this morning will heal like minor abrasions rather than scar into deeper issues……

The hard thing about these moments is how to move forward….. 

Think I’m gonna start with going back to bed….. seriously.


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