Kill the Power Struggle

Frailty…… struggles in power…. The spectrum of human success and absolute desolation.  The eyes, the hands, the spirits, the hairs on every head of every counted body in between…… and the way things turn out…. the complex interaction and chain of events that leads one and another…. into the same moment….. one, face down, prone on the dusty ground, naked, stripped, clutching their underwear to their face in a prayer of fear……….

And the other. Uniformed with important white letters across the chest.  Dark and white color contrast to uphold, illustrate, conjure fear and relay power.  Clutches his manipulation weapon—an extension of his position in this world…..fear and power…. the barrel, the tip of his gun resolutely pressed against the naked, stripped, prone body of his captive…. against his bottom…. a place, for every human….. so vulnerable, so secret…. as pliant as our souls


I wanted to share the image here, an excruciatingly gorgeous photo taken by James Nachtwey…. but…. can’t actually post it here.. so… scroll through the images and find it yourself…..be struck….. with the realization that this image doesn’t just represent a singular action or inaction….. but of a constant battle of the human spirit….. a constant battle of the drive to meet needs.

Human frailty–from the vein of power or captive–is present

Kill the power struggle.


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