“Don’t sign me up for any electrical work…. Because, there’s a positive and a negative and I’m not positive which one is negative”
“THAT, my darling dear is what they call the rat race….. and I want NO part of it”
“Every day’s a holiday and every meal’s a feast”
“What’s mine is yours my darling daughter, except for what’s up in the top left cabinet”
“People in hell want ice water”
“I like my beer cold. Not my pizza”
“The older I get, the more luxury I think I deserve”
Yeah….. I could go on and on. My dad will never read this because he doesn’t have a computer. He most definitely does NOT get on the internet…….
I have painstakingly tried to please him in the past…. have painstakingly tried to defy him…. have painstakingly tried to be like him…. and now….. I just take every painstaking step to make sure he knows that I love him and am grateful to him………. So, I’ll wish him happy Father’s day….. and he’ll most certainly reply in pure John Geraghty fashion……
“Well, isn’t every day Father’s Day?”
Infuriating…. but so endearing.