nautilus love

it’s never what you think

And yet

And so

this is how i view


Human comprehension

flawed at thought’s inception

Your spirit’s divine procession

has no beginning and,

no end

To fill the fragile nautilus bulb

an unworthy vessel made of clay

sparse and muddy

soiled with bits of hay

And yet…

to separate

to pluck away

is to incise the daylight of it’s day


wear a garment made of light

and calm my soul in darkest night

clear gravel from my rocky plight

peel scales away and give me sight…

Insight into the simple things

the joyous things

the absurd things

let me not incise the twilight from the night

the daylight from it’s light

the stars,

their astral might….

Let me pour out

then find delight

in oscillatory

ever encircling



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