Business Casual Bread

my hand slaps off the alarm. it’s 6:30 a.m. the sun is already up…. and somehow i’m disoriented by it’s would-be helpful presence for the morning. i’m confused and can’t seem to follow through on any one task that it will take to fulfill this morning of getting ready….

making the coffee…. confusion. dressing…. confusion. make up, hair, dog, child, eat, pray, hello…….. all simple things that i’m normally used to doing….. in the dark. at 5:00 a.m rather than 6:30….
and….. at this time, everything seems to take 2-3 minutes longer……. i make a few circles and take a few steps forward then backwards before i carry through an intention to action. i whine a little and wonder…… is time speeding up or slowing down? am i speeding up or slowing down? and now, another 3 minutes has passed.
miraculously, i arrive at my destination 15 minutes early. get called ‘over achiever’ by my co-workers who laze in just as everything is about to start….
I turn around and see someone else i know…. a friend. she too is befuddled by our time frame and we agree throughout the day how weird it is to be in a business casual classroom….. later, we’ll feel like we’re losing our minds in the vortex that is the nordstrom’s parking lot……. and we’ll whine a little more, agreeing…… that we’re glad we don’t have to eat of the 8-5 loaf………

2 thoughts on “Business Casual Bread

  1. Oh, good times….and it's only Monday! Can I just say that I am thoroughly frightened of Nordstrom's now? If an SUV can disappear so easily, what about a person of considerably less size?


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