collin likes for me to crawl in bed with him some nights when i’m tucking him in…. sometimes he  just wants me there…. other times he wants me to stroke his hair or rub his back as he’s falling asleep.  there are also those nights where he’s very talkative and some of our most interesting conversations come from me just lying next to him in the dark, letting him talk…. letting him ask questions…. letting him tell me things that he thinks.

tonight, he told me about his ‘losing my toenail dreams’.  apparently on january 1, 2009 he remembers very precisely, having a dream where he wiggled his big toe nail then it came off.  underneath the nail, he found thousands of tiny skeleton heads on top of ‘lumpy purple skin’.  he then went on to wonder if being covered in skeletons would be fantastic.   
he also told me about a little girl in his class named Ula, who “has a pretty cool voice and is very very intense”.  then he says ” i mean mommy…what does intense actually  mean? “.  and i say…………….. after thinking…….. “well collin, when someone is intense it means that when they feel something like happy or sad or excited they are REALLY REALLY happy or sad or excited”. 
he looked off for a moment… past me…. somewhere far off in his little brain and said, “oh yea.  she’s really really intense”.