Sometimes I think the intuitive thread of creativity within the minds of writers….. musicians…. poets….. and painters is connected.  And then an even MORE tightly connected weave are the threads AMONG writers…. AMONG musicians…. AMONG painters…. AMONG poets. Simply put, it could be considered  like mindedness….. even moreso…… I’d say “active participle like mindedness”………… There’s  a lot of that right now…… a certain beautifully painful sentiment floating, wafting in and out of the hearts of  a few of my most adored action poets…….. I feel lucky and blessed when I read something that causes me to respond….. with something like this……

Bricks Built of Blood and Clay, or The Woman Who You Half Heartedly Ponder

and the woman
you half heartedly ponder
lies eternal
unassuming for you
diamond eyes shine diamonds
for you
and gold hands hold
caress wrists and forearms
for you
and golden body smooth
lies… stretches out
on dirty wasted rags for you
would bless you with
her hair
her kisses
would bless you with
everything she has
but a man
who half heartedly ponders
is as responsive as stone
brings forth everything
good in her
wraps up
cracks open everything good in her
pours out crimson
jewel in her
tries naturally
to drench
but a man
who half heartedly ponders
is as responsive as stone
and juliet pines for a dead
but soon
as much as she loves
hardens as the stone
stares tempted
like at medusa
and both shall crumble
making nothing
both shall crumble
building nothing
clay mixed with blood
making nothing
as everything returns
in this world
to dust