Ohhhh, no.  

The  usual winding down, nighttime routine for Collin is a 10-15 minute reminder from me that it will soon be time to stop what he is doing and begin getting ready for bed.  Tonight, everything was smooth sailing.  A very agreeable Collin turned the television off and trudged off to the bathroom. Usually while he’s cleaning up and rinsing and brushing his teeth, I straighten the living room and turn down his bed.   
Tonight, as I heard him in his room changing, I went to meet him to tuck him in.  He showed me his big wide toothy grin and then said with flushed cheeks and a guilty grin, “And, mommy, the pillows are fine the way they are”.  
That right there told me something was up.  To his credit, he’s not a very good liar, and to mine……. good or bad, I can always tell when someone is lying to me………. especially my goof ball son.  
Usually Collin hides transformers, books, paddle balls and flashlights under his pillows so, I replied to him “Oh, really?? What have you snuck under your pillow?”.  I walked over to the bed and as I was doing so he ran out of the room.  I lifted up his pillow and found one of my Victoria Secret catalogues.  Of course I was surprised….. but more so I covered my mouth to hold in the laughter.  I really didn’t know what to do…… still don’t.  I stood there at his bed (he was still hiding in the other room) and silently laughed with my mouth covered.  After a minute or so, I took the catalogue, put it away and called him into the hallway.
“Were you curious about that magazine?” I asked him
“YESSS”, he said in a very defensive and embarrassed huff.
“You know, Collin it’s ok to be curious, but you don’t need to sneak anything….. you can always ask mommy if you have questions”.
He huffed to bed and hid from me under the blankets instead of letting me tuck him in like normal.  
I’m still laughing but still a little confused.  He’s SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking I had ATLEAST another year or so before I had to face this sort of stuff.   
Anyway, I know you all are reading….. so, help me out here.  What else….. if anything can I do?? Did I react the right way??