some music to think about

A few things…..

Firstly, I wanna talk about an album I’ve been listening to, Dada Bandits by Rubik.  I’ll start by saying that there are a lot of things I find uncomfortable about proselytizing about music.  So I won’t do that…. What I will do is tell you that it took me several go rounds to actually LIKE this album….. now well…. I’m telling you  about it……

What hits you first is sheer Finnish buoyancy….. so contagious that it makes you suspicious…. makes you WANT to find something wrong with the music…… So, while you’re getting over that….. 5 0r 6 listens later….. THIS will start seeping in…. a very confident, positive and grounded sound perspective……. which is undeniably unique these days………
Really, the sense that I get from these guys is this message: that music can be intuitive and positive without being wanton…. that you can be insightful and  blazingly prophetic without scaring or alienating your listener…. that you can take your sound perspective seriously without compromising your relationship to your listener….. that these guys are generally, carefully happy supportive people…… making music that allows you room to nestle in first before they let you in on their secret……….
Secondly, my hat flies off to the ‘Zen Bard’ J.D Salinger… and all who passed before him………..

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