the set apart

Drop 50: For Silas, If

If for a little


for an entirety of your story

I said I under–


stood at the foot of woe

begged pleaded borrowed with your same

bitter love friend,

then we

a gulf

a coast

one thousand miles a part could breath

could be breathing

the very same vapor-tear

And I have asked myself the very question


How does this happen….

(…. irises capped

with glassy water

scales if you will

for the unfathomable …)

Have thrown my palms


then slapped them


the indifferent earth…..

Have clutched my chest

my abdomen

my heart

in terror that

I might come a part

and the inside of me

would be lost to the floor

And my friend your own time

will be the only time

that may answer with soft spoken–

soft spoken delicate lips

And my friend

your own heart

open with the most holiest of spirit

will be the only heart

and spirit to console you………………………..


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