Drop 47: function of the freeze

Haunt the corners

Gaze up towards lavender sky

Contemplate goodness and rightness

Stare blankly out-

at the periphery

I am not there

Haunt the heat

Meld all and over

melt all over everything…

in that month they call July


microbial like sweat

like breath

like soul

like cells

Haunt the freeze

Exist in all the glitter and shimmer and refracting light….

in that month they call December



step softly away

frozen footprint will melt away some day

into karma strata and keep on going

And now, as I think of it….

the it….

I realize…..

everything happens in the winter….

the eternal occurrence

does not hibernate

but awakens and stretches

in the cold frozen months

So now, as I think of it…

the it…..

I realize that birth begins in death


2 thoughts on “Drop 47: function of the freeze

  1. Joseph Reisch says:

    “everything happens in the winter”
    “birth begins in death”

    These two lines capture my own way of looking at present circumstances. Everything is awakening, stretching and ultimately growing under the leaden cloak of the general winter.


  2. sonicleese says:

    and i think it is interesting to think of how the ‘leaden cloak of the general winter’ can be viewed in that way…… and in another…… a soft and comfortable but reticent swath of rebirth…….

    my ‘everything happens in winter’ realization is true…….. you and i both were born in the winter….. right? for me, as i look back i realize that winter, since my own birth has been pivotal season…. great awakenings, revelations and sustained periods of ‘firsts’ down to the birth of my son have unfolded into winter’s cold………….. makes me think there’s a greater perhaps unfathomable alignment of a person and their season of birth………………… too mystic?


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