Drop 33: pretty pretty

an innocent little squealing child called me pretty today…… i was wearing a mask….. my hair was a mess…. and i was probably acting a little hurried as i discharged her mother and ill sibling from the room…. but still…… she said it.  dancing about the room, twirling her skirt she looks up at me and with as much  good natured delight as if i’d just handed her a cherry popsicle she blurts “Oh, she IS pre-tty!! “……..

melt melt melt drip drip drip…..

is it sad that that totally made my day?  guess it’s because it’s been so long since i’ve been called that….. or perhaps it was just perfect timing….. at the apex of my day….. just pushing through the revolving door only to be blindsided by this charming, complimentary little girl……




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