Drop 27: easing out of it

“Why can’t you fix these flu symptoms?!?!”

Feel like the system is being taxed….. we’re running out of masks… and the niceties are crumbling away…. i can no longer empty bins of sprite and graham crackers and juice to the thirsty masses (triage fish and loaves)…. because i can’t keep up with the line at the screener desk…… and in the meantime computers and technology are temperamental and a football player just got wheeled in and needs to be boarded and collared…… and little babies still can’t breath…. and lacerations still need LET…. and room 11 needs to be on moniters and have labs and an IV… .and the code pager burns and sears… clutched at my hip….. holding on …. i hold my breath in it’s silence and startle internally at every alarm and over head page……..

“Tamiflu and back to school!”

Feel like parents are losing their natural instinct to care at home…. losing their ability to be patient…. wait it out… .cozy them in at home….. hold their children through their fevers….. do simple things like soup and ginger ale and comic books and movies….. Alas, mommy has to go back to work and the school’s counting absences…….. 

Majestically Coniferous…. Ancient…. Carpathian….

Work.  The children.  The masses. The taxing of the system.  In the meantime the scary ones keep coming and where to put them?? All of those have stacked themselves high into a scooby and shaggy worthy sandwhich…. their salty necessity makes me seek out the cool heaven of water…. Something cool and sublime that can ease me…. infuse fluidity….. books….. reading……… 

A friend at work, a history major with the bluest eyes has kept me supplied with a list of spirit hydrating books over the past couple of months.. Stories beautifully and painstakingly constructed over a foundation of mystery, self discovery and history….  Started a third book last night….. this one will take time…. but I will relish in every word and cramped margin….. 


Chasity’s Recommendations

Sarah’s Key

Sworn to Silence

The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million

The Kite Runner

I’m working on 3/4 so the others are up for grabs……………..


2 thoughts on “Drop 27: easing out of it

  1. Scot says:

    I don’t envy what you’re having to deal with on what I’m sure is probably a daily basis now. And as a friend I wish you didn’t have to deal with it. But at the same time I can’t think of more capable person to be in the middle of the whirlwind.


    • sonicleese says:

      you’re right the whirlwind has become the norm. thankfully, i deal with it on a ‘shiftly’ rather than daily basis. sometimes if i’m passing by the hospital on a day off, i have this weird urge to call and check on the unit, or just plain go in…………. i think that comes from loving it. it feels good to vent to write it out….. and just as i’d chronicle every emotion with the written word, i’d also happily lay down in the thunder/ whirl storm again and again and again………….

      …… thanks so much for reading/writing/ and your kind words : )


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