Today nurse Lisa was slapped and head butted in triage by one of her darling little patients….. This kiddo, we’ll call him ‘Papi’ was drug by his mother into one of the triage rooms, moaning and flailing and flopping around in general dis-ease.  Now, nine year old ‘Papi’ was non verbal but very tenacious.  Over his howling, nurse Lisa assured him that she wasn’t going to hurt him and that she only needed to  ‘see how big he was on her scale; to see what was making him sick by listening to his heart beat and his lungs breath; and to feel how warm he was with her thermometer’…..

With a high pitched ‘Wooooooo’, ‘Papi’ slapped nurse Lisa across the side of the face on his way to get weighed on the scale…… and then, while nurse Lisa knelt at ‘Papi’s’ feet, gently holding a thermometer under his arm, ‘Papi’ lunged forward and walloped Lisa’s forehead with his own……

Nurse Lisa wobbled backwards a little and got out of the way just in time for the thermometer to beep and to narrowly miss the bottom of ‘Papi’s foot shuttling towards her face….