Drop 10: titled untitled

find again… cross-legged me, on the floor open to inward wonderment….

cicadas fiddle along to my thoughts burning– thoughts cauterizing lines… slicing open the clouds… pouring forth sunlight–new light and soft uncertainty….

and their sounds–their little wings coax…. along with notes… to close my lids and let apprehension transform towards discovery…. is that how it happens?

i feel like i’ll never know…. like it will take the shedding of my body, my worn and used body like a shell…. split open, dried out…. to finally understand…. leave my self behind random…. clinging to leaves…. to the underneath of trees…

and what has that cottonwood seen, in it’s 48 years? grown up tall…. bark scraped away white… by petulant squirrels….  by me petulant scraper of the mind… has it? has it hovered over anyone as folded as me?

and so i fold…. and bend and stretch… breathing in the rug beneath me… straighten myself…. waiting for divinity to emerge…. surya namaskara….. namaste….

“The Divine in me honors the divine in you”


2 thoughts on “Drop 10: titled untitled

  1. Joseph says:

    O “petulant scraper of the mind”!

    You scraped out some awesome and inspiring thoughts. I find them prayerful and very aware.
    The cicada reference I can relate with especially. They provide such a wonderful, meaningful, choral backdrop during times spent in exploration of ultimate things.


    • sonicleese says:

      it’s interesting…. lots of cicadas flicking around the neighborhood… hiding under upended corners of the sidewalk…. lying gutted under hasta leaves…. lots of other insects have descended along the periphery of my house… like it’s the rebel base or something!! i can count 5-10 bees every afternoon hovering and sampling my flowering (((and wild)) spearmint, a tiger striped caterpillar found just today…. hungry and leaving chomp marks in the green….. and some kind of fuzzy moth that’s been sleeping against the house for at least 24 hours… i say sleeping because when I blow on him, a set of under wings fan out ((pink)) and then slowly carom back towards his body….

      thanks for reading : )


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